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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Read more about "The Bilderburg Group"

The Bilderburg Group is rumored to be an elite group of people whose goal is to take over the world. The world has a lot of people living on it. They realize that their number are too small to do so. So how do they do it? Decrease the number of people living so they CAN take control. Now their are a lot of different ways of doing that, but I think they've figured out a way to do it without us knowing about it via the foods we eat, water we drink, medicines we take, immunizations and such. By poisoning our foods, I mean filling them with man chemical that are harmful to our bodies but telling us that it is good for us (aspartame, etc.)) and putting things in the food to cause our bodies to crave those foods like high fructose corn syrup. Not to mention all the words in the ingredients that we can't pronounce. Our water contains chlorine to keep it from going bad in the water tanks, fluoride in it for our teeth (yea right) but what they don't tell you is how poisonous that is to our bodies, and that over time it builds and builds until your in the hospital diagnosed with cancer or some other deadly disease. And if your lucky enough to not have a deadly disease you have something that can be treated with medicine. Okay you may be thinking "Well isn't that why we have the FDA and the FTC to regulate what is put into our food, water and medicine?" Yes, they do regulate it. They know exactly how much poison can be legally administered. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's safe. Besides, who do you think the Bilderburg Group has in their pocket. The FDA and FTC. Now understand I have no proof of this. This is just what I've learned through a lot of different things I've read. I have attached some links that may give you more information. Please understand that I'm not trying to scare anyone, I don't want to cause worldwide panic. I do believe we all need to wake up and be aware. I don't even know if what I say can make a difference or change anything or save the world. I believe what happens is exactly what is suppose to happen and as long as you let God take control and have faith that he will, everything will work out.

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