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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've been talking with my brother, who so happens to be a preacher. Don't let that scare you, he's one of the most open minded person I know. I've spoken with him about some of these topics. My plan is to talk with you in more detail over the weeks. You may all think I',m nuts, but that's okay. My point to what I say is strictly to get you thinking. Form your on ideas and PLEASE share. It does no good for me to bare my heart and soul to someone who doesn't listen. I AM open to other ideas, a closed mind is a dangerous one. In a small town in which I live, it also dangerous.

I had a thought this morning, which I email to my brother and his response was awesome. Although out of respect I cannot quote him without his permission (I'll try to get that tomorrow.)

My thought was of Adam and Eve, partaking in the fruit of knowledge. (By the way from what he has studied, there was more than one tree...interesting.) Okay, within the five minutes of thought that I had while drinking a cup of coffee this morning was...

We all know what happened in the Garden of Eden, (my brother will detail this later). The Mayan Indians talk of the full circle the earth makes every ______ billion, or million years (my science is not apt). The Revelations talks of the end of "times" "Circle" however you want to call it. The Revelations also speaks of the time when we are given the right though our justices to partake in that knowledge (again the Full Circle ). Given that right by God himself!
Is it possible that Satan and God as adversaries, placed human existence as a playground for Satan and God alike for God to show once and for all "WHO IS THE REAL GOD", and in the same sentence a proof from God that maybe even though evil is thrown our way that we're still able to have faith. The Angels Knew and Know God, but how would Satan see it if We, "mere humans", still love God amidst all the evils Satan has brought.

And Evil itself KNOWS of the existence of God but is still belligerent.

Maybe our existence is not for anyone reason except to show the evils of the world that beyond what they do to us, we are still God's children, we are still faithful.

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