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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's This World Coming To? An End?

I've stepped back to look at at the overall picture and this is what I've noticed...
Record breaking earthquakes, record breaking tornado's (not necessarily size but numbers), floods, hurricanes, snow in South East Texas, droughts, heat records, there is probably more I'm not thinking of. These ARE natural disasters that have been happening, but they are happening in places that are not common. We've also got the Madrid fault line overdue for a earthquake, and Yellow Stone National Park overdue for an eruption. We've also got the alignment of the planets on Dec. 21,2012. I don't necessarily believe the world will end that day, but it may well be another sign of what is to come.

I'm not trying to create panic, just an awareness. Please open up your hearts and you minds and see what God is trying to tell us. Wake up people!

The Bible states that NO MAN will know the hour, but it also states there WILL be signs.