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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012!

Well, we are now in 2012. We've seen increase in activities all over the world giving us signs. The 2012 prophecies are well known by everyone now. I've prepared myself spiritually, come what may. I hope that everything turns out okay. I hope that any of the prophecies that would harm us turn out to be hog wash. All we can do is wait and see.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's This World Coming To? An End?

I've stepped back to look at at the overall picture and this is what I've noticed...
Record breaking earthquakes, record breaking tornado's (not necessarily size but numbers), floods, hurricanes, snow in South East Texas, droughts, heat records, there is probably more I'm not thinking of. These ARE natural disasters that have been happening, but they are happening in places that are not common. We've also got the Madrid fault line overdue for a earthquake, and Yellow Stone National Park overdue for an eruption. We've also got the alignment of the planets on Dec. 21,2012. I don't necessarily believe the world will end that day, but it may well be another sign of what is to come.

I'm not trying to create panic, just an awareness. Please open up your hearts and you minds and see what God is trying to tell us. Wake up people!

The Bible states that NO MAN will know the hour, but it also states there WILL be signs.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of the things that has been popping up a lot is the government and how screwed up things are. I ask myself "Okay God, how do we as a nation deal with this?"
Things are falling apart nationally and globally. I do believe something big is about to happen. This website is speculation of things I've noticed. I think that the awakening of people to the corruption of government is about to explode. I'm not sure what this means as in comparison to 2012, but it does seem to coincide with some of the prophecies.

I've included a free book you might find interesting to download by Mary Elizabeth: Croft. Please copy and paste to your browser. It is an absolutely free ebook.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat and the Polar Shift

Wow, it's been hot! I've been listening to people lately. Living in Southeast Texas, heat is the main subject. What I've also noticed is that a lot of people say the same thing "When we were little, we used to play outside all of the time... I don't see how we did it."
Well, have you ever heard of the "frog theory"? (I don't know if I labeled it correctly, but..." The theory is... you put a frog into boiling water, he jumps immediately out. You put a frog in tepid water, then heat it up, he'll stay until the inevitable happens (he's cooked).
Our planet has been heating up little by little to the point that many people think its natural. What is obvious to me is... a change is about to happen.
On top of that our weather conditions are off the charts. The "Big Boys" don't want nation wide panic so your news tells you "every things is okay, it's normal". Well hell yea it's normal... right before the big change. The earth has a pattern of heating and cooling. What THEY don't tell you is how drastic these changes are nor the devastation it will cause. What THEY don't tell you is the preparations THEY are making behind our backs for themselves. Why aren't they telling us? Because THEY can't afford or care to take care of anyone but their own.
Just imagine what would happen if everyone knew what THEY know. The Government would fall, then they wouldn't have our taxes to pay for their security that THEY have made for themselves.
Ya know, one of the 2012 theories is about the Polar Shift. A totally natural occurrence. I've copied and pasted a website with more detail on this...

Please look into this and form your own opinions

The Bible also speaks of the end of this version of earth that coincides with this prophecy.

Even the Sun is undergoing changes, suggesting a polar shift it for itself.

God said he will give us signs. There has been so many people before us that have predicted the future about the end of times and have failed. May part of the devils work was to numb our mind to the signs like he has with violence to where we don't see it as avidly.

I urge you to wake up from the numbness. The signs are all around you.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the Mayans

i just wrote this on another blog and decided to post it on mine as well...

I’ve been reading, watching, interpreting (to the extend my little mind will allow) these events that have been happening. Inadvertently, noticing similarities and a bigger picture. I call myself a Christian, because that is what I am (I believe in Christ.) More so, I’m am not blinded by ignorance as to (sad to say) the majority of people that call themselves Christians. I also believe that the Buddha and his teaching have helped me. Not to mention Mother Earth. Karma has slapped me in the face more than I can count. So when I learned of the Mayan Prophecy’s I was even more intrigued.
What I have noticed is the similarities between the Mayan Prophesy’s and the book of The Revelations. In fact I’ve been reading about it faithfully, noting the equality.
The Mayan speak of when the sun is in the center of the universe a door to another world will be opened.
In The Revelations (The Revealing), not sure but I think around chapter 20 the Bible states

CELESTIAL SIGNS A great earthquake.
The sun turned black.
The moon turned blood-red.
The stars (meteorites) fell.
The sky was rolled back as a scroll.
Earth’s population was terrified.
These are literal signs in the physical universe.

The sky will be rolled back

There are many more similarities
You just have to open your heart and your minds.
So many people I run into today are close minded.
Fear I guess is the only answer, when it’s so much easier to just open up.