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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the Mayans

i just wrote this on another blog and decided to post it on mine as well...

I’ve been reading, watching, interpreting (to the extend my little mind will allow) these events that have been happening. Inadvertently, noticing similarities and a bigger picture. I call myself a Christian, because that is what I am (I believe in Christ.) More so, I’m am not blinded by ignorance as to (sad to say) the majority of people that call themselves Christians. I also believe that the Buddha and his teaching have helped me. Not to mention Mother Earth. Karma has slapped me in the face more than I can count. So when I learned of the Mayan Prophecy’s I was even more intrigued.
What I have noticed is the similarities between the Mayan Prophesy’s and the book of The Revelations. In fact I’ve been reading about it faithfully, noting the equality.
The Mayan speak of when the sun is in the center of the universe a door to another world will be opened.
In The Revelations (The Revealing), not sure but I think around chapter 20 the Bible states

CELESTIAL SIGNS A great earthquake.
The sun turned black.
The moon turned blood-red.
The stars (meteorites) fell.
The sky was rolled back as a scroll.
Earth’s population was terrified.
These are literal signs in the physical universe.

The sky will be rolled back

There are many more similarities
You just have to open your heart and your minds.
So many people I run into today are close minded.
Fear I guess is the only answer, when it’s so much easier to just open up.

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